Over the coming months we will be talking with some incredibly talented industry greats to bring you questions and advice to help you bring to life the perfect wedding or event.  We know when planning a wedding or event the finer details are just as important as the flowers, location and vibes.

This week we have picked Jess's brain from Studio Silva on all things STATIONARY. We have been lucky enough to work alongside Jess and we can't speak more highly about her work. 


What is the ideal lead time clients should consider when reaching out to you?
Ideally, invitations should be ordered 6 months before the wedding to allow enough time for design, changes, production and delivery. My process takes around 2-3 months so it really depends on when the couple wants to send their invitations. 

If a couple also requires a Save The Date card which is usually sent a year before the wedding, then that should be ordered at least 2 months before it needs to be sent out. It also depends on the finish required as letterpress and foiling generally takes longer than standard printed stationery.

What tones / elements are next on your wish list? We see so much marble and copper something has to be next?
At the moment I’m seeing a huge shift towards minimalism and simplicity which I LOVE! There’s nothing more beautiful than stationery that is well designed and simple. Simple doesn’t always have to be ‘plain’ and ‘boring’. I’m also seeing a lot of silver tones rather than gold, rose gold and copper.


What is a good guide one should budget for with invitations (lets say per 100 units)?
It all depends on the finish and items required. For example, for a full invitation suite with a foiled invitation plus 2 standard additional cards like an RSVP and wishing well card with envelope, your budget would need to sit around $1500. A standard printed suite is less and a letterpress printed suite is more. 

Do you do signage as well as invitation, place cards and seating plans?
Yes definitely. It’s really important to ensure all stationery is consistent and designed to match so I love any opportunity to create the whole suite of stationery from the invitation right down to the menu. It really brings the styling together on the day.

In the industry of Weddings and Events who is your rockstar? 
I have a whole bunch of creatives I admire in the industry like Bek Smith and Cassandra Ladru who are amazing photographers, as well as event stylists like Nomad Styling and Cristina Lubarda. 
I do have my absolute favourite creatives that I ALWAYS love to work with like Tillda Flowers *wink wink*, Ruffles & Bells who is super sweet and an event stylist, and Bohemian Prints a gorgeous fine art photographer.

What is the best advice you can give to a client when looking into stationery?
It’s really important to know what your style and colour palette is going to be, and to stick to it. The more information you can give you stationery designer, the better, as it helps to give us a complete picture. We can then provide suggestions and help you narrow down your ideas to make sure your stationery reflects the look you’re after.
The other piece of advice I can give is to really think about your budget. No one likes to talk about it but I always go there! You need to decide what you’re willing to spend on stationery and to also be realistic about what’s possible with that budget. Don’t be afraid to tell your stationery designer what your budget is, because it is SO helpful for us when it comes to presenting you with options and quotes that are going fit your requirements.

Are you a coffee and cake or a cheese and wine kind of girl? 
Both! I cannot function without coffee in the morning but wine and cheese wins hands down.

If you also love Studio Silva's work then here is where to find them. 
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